About AZM Fintech

A licensed FinTech , Financial technology company that provides advanced services in building, developing and integrating financial solutions with modern technology in order to meet the need for the development of various sectors in the Kingdom

The company aspires to be the preferred partner for its clients in providing FinTech services and executive consulting and to be a main pillar contributing to the achievement of a prosperous economy, a vibrant community and an ambitious homeland, by focusing on high-impact, quality projects that are implemented with high efficiency and flexibility.

Target Sectors

There is a need to create financial services linked to banks and other relevant parties to well respond to the needs of the user and are ready to keep pace with future developments

Business Sector
  • The presence of a new business sector has emerged that did not have a pre-existing offering services by default and needs new ideas of products and services
  • Current business is changing in style due to changing consumer need
Financial Services
  • Current banking services in their traditional form are not sufficient to serve new business models and users
  • The presence of new types of business models in need of sophisticated and technologically advanced financial processes
  • Global banking models began to change Open Banking
End User
  • The end user is accustomed to unconventional methods and is open to change and development
  • Virtualization is becoming more widely used

Azm Fintech Objectives

The Main Objectives we seek to achieve in AzmFintech

Provide Financial technology solutions and innovations
Use technical applications to improve financial products and services
Filling gaps in financial operations management
Moving the financial services industry to new horizons
Support the Financial Leadership Program 2020
Contribute to achieving the Saudi Vision 2030

Fintech Products

Supportive Products

Supportive Services

AzmFintech Projects

The projects carried out by Azm Fintech

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Building No. (23), Laysen Valley , King Khalid Rd-Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



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